Packaging and Shipping

Tiger is a one-stop service hub for all your jewelry production needs. We not only develop, design, and manufacture jewelry, but we can ensure your delicate products are safely packaged, labelled, and shipped.

Our packing department plays an important role in reducing the risk of damaged shipments. Our packing department is the area that prepares finished products for shipment by performing the consolidation, packing, marking, and documentation tasks required. We may also be responsible for locating and picking materials for outgoing shipments.

Many jewelry factories pack their products on their own, but it can be an inconvenience. However, professionals, like Tiger, ensure the safety of your products when you are shipping high-value jewelry items. Our service provides you the best solutions you need to safely pack your goods by securing your products with strong and premium quality packing materials.

We have 3 steps to packing your products:

  • Primary packaging is the material that first envelops the product and holds it. We individually seal jewelry pieces in assigned packages with identification codes or bar codes.

  • Secondary packaging is on the outside of the primary packaging and may be used to prevent damage or group primary packages together.

  • Transit packaging is used for bulk handling, warehouse storage, and transport shipping.

With our great assistance and technology, we will make you worry-free!