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Over 30 Years in Jewelry Industry
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Our Story

Founded in 1987, Tiger Jewellry Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd began as a small family business and has expanded to become a global legacy. Our clients named us Tiger because our passionate and fierce spirit never gives up! We continue to meet the needs our clients by being a one-stop service hub for developing, designing, manufacturing, and packaging superior jewelry.

Our Services

We specialize in manufacturing premium quality silver, gold, brass, and platinum jewelry with natural gemstones or alternative materials at accessible prices.

We develop superior products for the world's leading brands via state-of-the-art technology, consistently high standards of quality, and superior craftsmanship.


We see all of our customers as “partners” because we both share the same passion and drive for this industry. We are devoted to creating high quality products that will meet all of your needs.

Hundreds of wholesalers and retailers worldwide partner with Tiger Jewelry to design, produce, and manufacture superior jewelry.  We take pride in serving our partners with the exceptional customer service and integrity.